Sunday, November 2, 2014

Elementary Chinese Conversation and Diamond Terminology Course
With a rapid growth in her economy, the demand for luxury products like diamonds has increased tremendously in the Chinese market. With the world's largest population, China is one of the biggest markets for diamond merchants.

SRDC aims at enabling Indians to overcome the communication barrier and shine amidst the crowd through its Elementary Chinese Conversation and Diamond Terminology Course. This course aims at providing you with the knowledge of diamond terminology in Chinese and enhances your communication skills and builds up your vocabulary to communicate in Chinese effectively.

Introduction:  Designed for learners who can understand and use none or some simple  Chinese characters and sentences, and prepares them for continuing their  Chinese studies. In HSK 1 all characters are provided along with Pinyin.
 Duration:  30 hours

Course Content includes:
:: Learning English alphabetical system i.e. Pinyin
:: Fundamental grammatical rules
:: Diamond Terminology

Elementary Vocabulary and Sentence Structures for:
:: Diamond and its facets.
:: Fundamental communication etiquette such as greeting & polite conversations.
:: Seeking permissions, identifying cultures & people and introducing oneself.
:: Asking for directions, polite refusals and acceptance of a certain event or topic.
:: Ordering food

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