Saturday, August 5, 2017

SRDC visit to HK HUB - Hari Krishna Export's state-of-the-art Diamond Manufacturing Unit

    One of the memorable day in the history of SRDC. Mr Rahul Desai, the director of SRDC INDIA – The gateway for education in Gem & Jewellery industry situated in Mumbai was planning industry visit to their students of business and professional diamond programs to HK HUB – Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. – SURAT. 

Finally, the wait was over and we were prepared to go towards our dream factory visit on 18th July, Tuesday. We all left early morning by 5.15am, all were very excited. We reached HK HUB - the final destination at around 1 pm as there was heavy rain fall on that day. HK Team gave us a warm welcome and greets us at the gate of the factory. We all freshened up, change into our team outfits which were Formal for this event. They offer us lunch and we all went for lunch, which was prepared for whole staff and the whole HK Team. More than 5000 staff members have their lunch together every day. 

After lunch HR Mr Jatin Chadha, popularly known as JC took us for the factory tour under his supervision, First, they showed us the rough diamond department, where planning of rough was taking place on sarin and helium machines. Rough diamonds were scanned by the machines to the maximum possibilities of defining defects and planned accordingly to get best possible polished diamonds. Then we went to have a closer look at cutting department where diamonds were being cut with the help of laser machines. They also introduced our SRDC students to the latest technology of transporting diamond parcels from one department to another department with the help of pneumatic tubes. They also showed us pneumatic server room. It was amazing to see how diamond parcels were transferred in a fraction of second without a human involvement.

HK Hub is a live example of the latest and innovative technology. We saw polishing process, how exactly the diamond gets 57 facets. They also allowed our students to try polishing diamonds and faceting some rough stones. That was a memorable event when we all had hands on practical about polishing the diamond. It is very difficult to experience such polishing process in Mumbai, as there are very few factories available now. 
They also explained to us how rules and regulations are followed by each and every employee, the relationship between the staff and management is like a father and son. They call them as HK FAMILY. Savji kaka is like a father figure to them. They also have pilgrimage program arranged for employee’s parents every two years. 

Preaching and Practising humanity is a big difference, but here in HK HUB which was actually practised. Truly blessed. Other than this, many other activities like cycling, boating, huge cricket ground, recreation room, club house, swimming pool other such facilities were available for the staff. Here they all start their day with prayers also end with prayers and national anthem. There were so many small to smallest things which were taken care off. Their discipline with time, work and loyalties were so united like a Team.
They call “Artisans” to their polish workers and “Architects” to their Planners, and above all, their peons were called as their “Sevak” and drivers as their “Sarathi”.

We can’t mention about the awards and other achievements here since they are too many to state. The only thing we need to mention is that 14 consecutive annual awards from the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) in different exports category are the true achievement.

At the end, we went to HK auditorium where we all really missed Savji Kaka's presence and his motivational speech, but Ravibhai Dholakiya, Nareshbhai Mayani and Mr. P. V. Gadhavi – Retired DEO Surat were there to address us. First of all, they asked us to introduce our self. All the students talked about themselves. 

Nareshbhai talked about Shri Savjikaka and his generous activities for employees and his own caste people. Various activities are happening at HK HUB, some to mention the Annual event, Navratri, Diwali like festivals, Blood donation camp, Marathon etc. Everybody spoke in the real motivational way to our students. A small token of memento was given by SRDC Team to Ravibhai and HK Team. Finally, thanks giving the speech was given by Mr. Rahul Desai, Director SRDC. He described how he can relate the rules and regulations of Shri Savjikaka for his brothers and sons; same way his dad Shri. Kantibhai is making him as well as SRDC staff members follow rules.

Also,  SRDC Best Student of the Year & Best Designer of the year 2016-17 was awarded in the presence of HK Team and dignitaries. One important incident to be noticed that HK Hub authorities also allowed 8-year-old child Master Yashneil Bhutta as a special case, who is actually SRDC youngest student for gemology studies.

Our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated The HK HUB a new diamond polishing unit of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. at Hira Bourse SEZ at Icchapur Surat in April 2017 and in just a few months visiting this Diamond Mfg. facility was indeed an Occasion for SRDC Team. 

Not only cause it is Big by size but also because It is Very BIG by HEART. The HK Team's Humanity and Hospitality are way too BIG than what we heard in Industry. We at SRDC - DIAMOND EDUCATION INSTITUTE had experienced it recently- yesterday. We missed your presence, Sir - Savji Dholakia Ty Nareshbhai, Ravibhai & Jatin Chadha (JC)

Savjikaka tweet and also reply our messages on FB. as follows:
"Young team from SRDC - DIAMOND EDUCATION INSTITUTE visited our new state-of-the-art Diamond Manufacturing Unit "HK HUB".

All the best guys 👍 and may you all shine as bright as Diamonds in your carriers/ventures. God Bless! 🙏"

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A visit to technological Innovators of the Diamond industry - Lexus Lemon Technomist.

 SRDC - DIAMOND EDUCATION INSTITUTE Team learned emerging diamond technology and the science behind it, at Lexus - SoftMac (Lemon Technomist). Lemon TechnoMist Pvt. Ltd Special Thanks to Utpal Mistry & Janak Mistry who expanded our technical knowledge and explained insight of New Technology developed like the Human-Computer Interaction.

We were able to visit, without much of a planning and guess what ... we were spellbound to see the State of the art technologies of next generations being researched at LEXUS - which includes From Rough Diamonds Microscopic robotic planning to its sales tools on the Internet to sell Diamond and jewellery online via Cloud platform.

Thank you Mr Utpal Mistry, for showcasing to our students and imbibing the interest in technological innovations in our students. Also on short notice readily accepted our proposal and imparted lecture on Modern days technologies available for Diamond industry.

Looking forward to more such kind interaction and acquiring Diamond Technology related education from him in near future to come. Our goals are identical - Giving the best service and Technology to the industry which we are serving since decades.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Different Terminology for Indian & International Diamond Industry.

MELEE as per Indian Terminology - Diamond weighing between 0.03-0.07 carats.

MELÉE as per International Terminology - The diamond weight for melée diamonds ranges from as low as 0.001 carats (1,000th/carat) to 0.18 carats.


Learn Diamond Language precisely @ SRDCINDIA
Learn at SRDC INDIA for more details like this log on to

Monday, June 26, 2017

SRDC Catalog 2017 - 18

Dear Reader,

This is the CATALOG about SRDC Programs. Courses, Visits, Events, Achievements, Highlights etc.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

રૂપિયાની કદર

રૂપિયાની કદર: 5 મિનીટ સમય કાઢીને વાંચજો.. સત્ય-વાત, વાર્તા નાયક, શ્રેયાંશના પિતાશ્રી - શ્રી ગોવિંદભાઈ ધોળકીયા. ‘આ છોકરો કાં તો ચોર છે કાં તો ઘરેથી ભાગીને આવ્યો છે.’ હૈદરાબાદની મેઈન બજારમાં બૂટ-ચંપલનો આલિશાન શૉ-રૂમ ચલાવતા અબ્દુલચાચા સામે ઊભેલા છોકરાનું બારીકાઈથી નિરીક્ષણ કરી રહ્યા હતા. વિચારે ચડેલા અબ્દુલચાચા કંઈ કહે એ પહેલાં છોકરાએ પાછો એ જ સવાલ કર્યો : ‘ચાચા, કંઈ નોકરી છે ? તમે કહો એ કામ [...]

Thursday, May 25, 2017

SRDC Distance program "DIAMOND GRADUATE"

More Quality - Less Expensive

SRDC Distance learning has provided an excellent platform to students / emerging entrepreneurs for learning skill oriented courses for G & J sector, One can learn at their own convenience and at their own pace. In this rapidly changing system of learning, if you are working and need a good credential as well as specialised knowledge to enhance your career then SRDC Distance Education can be your cup of tea.
Students can study at their own time, pace and at the place of their choice (home, work or learning centre), then submit assignments and take exams online.
Convenient education, study from home, more quality & less expensive, earning while learning is some of the popular advantages of distance education.
E-course materials are delivered online or printed study materials are couriered (If within India – At Cost) so you learn the same curriculum as Study on Campus students.
Notes from SRDC Website, Video Presentations, Courses audio disks (If any) and Distance Education instructors are available by email or phone to provide support and guidance.
Students have to fulfil assignments, theory papers and quiz within the time frame. And can come for hands-on practice at chosen campus.

Students especially if they are working and studying SRDC Distance Education is the useful tool, our aim is to provide flexible and affordable education.

SRDC INDIA Distance Education has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. It made a huge change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something. It doesn't matter where you live and what you do, one can learn at the own place, time and pace.  

Introducing SRDC Distance program "DIAMOND GRADUATE". A gist of the Business Program is shown here.

SRDC offers Lab Classes to get in touch with the practical aspect of the course.
For more Detail kindly log on to

Thursday, April 27, 2017



Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the gems and jewellery industry to pick up pace. In the attempt to accelerate India’s growth with the "Digital India" &  “Make in India” initiative, the Prime Minister last week has urged the diamond industry in Surat to take a lead in getting our country ranked as number one in the gems and jewellery industry. The gems and jewellery sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing around 6-7% of the country’s GDP.
Highlighting the need for gems and jewellery to become DIGITAL, Mr. Modi emphasized, “Surat has made a mark in the diamond industry but can we now look at the entire gems and jewellery sector. Enough of just diamond cutting and polishing. We need to make consumers across the globe interested in ‘designed in India’ jewellery.”

SRDC Also moving one step ahead for making Diamond, Gemology and Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing education and knowledge Digitally available for the students with aid of E-Courses Programs. All the study materials making available Digitally, and student can easily login with password and can excess to education anywhere from their Tabs, Laptops or even Mobiles. They can study while travelling, at home, at office, at their pace and time availability. SRDC also started DISTANCE LEARNING & ONLINE EDUCATION for student to opt for different ways to pursue their career. 

 SRDC E-Course was launched by Shri. Mukesh Mehta - President INDIA BULLION AND JEWELLERY ASSOCIATION at Convocation ceremony on 24th April 2017 with SRDC invited guests, students and IBJA Members.

“As far as the gems and jewellery sector is concerned, our aim should not only be Make in India but Design in India together with Digital India.


 24th April, 2017.

SRDC, a premiere practical training institution for Gem & Jewellery related courses celebrated the 1st Convocation ceremony for the quarter January to March 2017. Diamond Grading, Gemology and Jewellery designing and Chinese Language students awarded the credentials. The grand event was held for the first time ever at India Bullion and Jewellery Association (IBJA) on 24th April 2017 afternoon 3 pm to 5 pm. In this event, about 45 SRDC passing out students received the University of Mumbai Certificates and SRDC Certificate and Diploma awards.

The chief guest of the event was Mr. Mukesh Mehta, President India Bullion and Jewellery Association (IBJA) and the honourable guest was Mr. Arun Morya, Co-ordinator K. P. B. Hinduja College. The event was started by the welcome speech by Ms. Kejal Jobanputra, Representative SRDC and was followed by an inspirational speech by Chief Guest, Mr. Mukesh Mehta.

Walking in the same direction of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modiji’s  dream about DIGITAL INDIA, Today we also started contributing towards digitalisation of the SRDC Gem & Diamond Education. SRDC inaugurated E-COURSES for all the SRDC Programs at the same event by Chief Guest Shri. Mukesh Mehta and invited guests from the industry.

SRDC launched SRDC Catalog 2017-18 with the esteem presence of IBJA Members, SRDC Students and industry guests.

Students awarded Certificates and Diplomas in different field of their learning programs such as Diamond Graduate (DG), Gemology Graduate (GG), Masters In Gemology (MIG), also Certificate program from University of Mumbai students will be awarded University certificates for Gems Junior, Jewellery Designing Level 1, Polished Diamond Grading and Corporate Chinese Course (Mandarin Language Course). More than 45 students were awarded for the completion of their respective courses. 3 Students are graduating from most famous and comprehensive course “Graduate Gemology (GG)” and 5 Students are graduating from the business program “Diamond Graduate (DG)”.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Mr. Rahul Desai, Director SRDC.
Lastly, Rahul Desai advised his students to:
"Don't run after Success/Money, Have patience and Go for Perfection!, Success will follow automatically to you. SRDC want you to do good business but “Ethically” and never compromise with our Values”

Thursday, January 26, 2017

SRDC Surat Sparkle International Exhibition & Venus Jewel Diamond Manufacturing Factory Visit, 2017

SRDC Surat Sparkle International Exhibition &
Venus Jewel Diamond Manufacturing Factory Visit, 2017
January 22nd And January 23rd , 2017
Day 1: 22nd January,2017 The Whole SRDC team with their student’s had a visit to Sparkle International Exhibition, Surat it was a last day of exhibition people from different places of world were gathered in huge numbers. The student’s of SRDC gained knowledge about the new technology and new trends up coming in diamond industry. It was a great opportunity for SRDC student’s to interact with the well-known personalities from diamond industry.
Day 2: 23rd January,2017 A visit to Surat Local Market,Varacha Road & Mini Bazzar  till 11:30 am and then headed towards Seven Stars Group Pvt. Ltd, it was a great privilege to meet Mr. Arjun Virani. An show on unique art of facial expression was shown to the students which was named as 'Face Com'

Around 2:00 pm SRDC team visited Venus Jewel Diamond Manufacturing Factory. 
A small seminar at Venus Jewel conducted by Mr. Rahul Pande (Sr. Executive ) which showed the complete manufacturing process of rough diamond to polished diamonds. There was a questioning session after the seminar. The students got a good chance to clear their doubts before they were taken to actual factory visit. Students went to different departments of diamond manufacturing and were given in–depth knowledge about each process and machinary. The visit was indeed helpful and knowledgeable to the students of SRDC. SRDC awarded them with token of appreciation a small memento along with a thanking speech by Mr. Rahul Desai - Director SRDC. Lastly students gave their feedback and Vote of Thanks was given by one of the SRDC student. The Surat Trip ended up giving students a great knowledge about Diamonds manufacturing and Factory process. The Factory visit was a memorable time for most of the students as they were visiting such a wonderful diamond mfg. factory for the first time.