Thursday, April 27, 2017



Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the gems and jewellery industry to pick up pace. In the attempt to accelerate India’s growth with the "Digital India" &  “Make in India” initiative, the Prime Minister last week has urged the diamond industry in Surat to take a lead in getting our country ranked as number one in the gems and jewellery industry. The gems and jewellery sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing around 6-7% of the country’s GDP.
Highlighting the need for gems and jewellery to become DIGITAL, Mr. Modi emphasized, “Surat has made a mark in the diamond industry but can we now look at the entire gems and jewellery sector. Enough of just diamond cutting and polishing. We need to make consumers across the globe interested in ‘designed in India’ jewellery.”

SRDC Also moving one step ahead for making Diamond, Gemology and Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing education and knowledge Digitally available for the students with aid of E-Courses Programs. All the study materials making available Digitally, and student can easily login with password and can excess to education anywhere from their Tabs, Laptops or even Mobiles. They can study while travelling, at home, at office, at their pace and time availability. SRDC also started DISTANCE LEARNING & ONLINE EDUCATION for student to opt for different ways to pursue their career. 

 SRDC E-Course was launched by Shri. Mukesh Mehta - President INDIA BULLION AND JEWELLERY ASSOCIATION at Convocation ceremony on 24th April 2017 with SRDC invited guests, students and IBJA Members.

“As far as the gems and jewellery sector is concerned, our aim should not only be Make in India but Design in India together with Digital India.

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