Sunday, February 22, 2015

Indo Sino Bridge (ISB)

Indo Sino Bridge (ISB)
Saturday evening was a special evening for Indo Sino Bridge (ISB)
We had honor to have presence of two very important Chinese dignitaries at event and SRDC event hall.
Mr. Cheng Wei, a journalist of Chinese national TV I.e CCTV and Mr. Zhang Yue, Sales manager at a big Chinese Laser Machines manufacturing company operating in India, came to celebrate Chinese New Year and also to felicitate Indo Sino Bridge Students with Elementary Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates. 22 Students in Level 1 and 3 Students in Level 2 Elementary Chinese Course are being felicitate at that occasion.
Various topics are being discussed in that Chat Show. We discussed things Indians should take care of while talking and doing business in China, Chinese business ethics and culture. Do's and Don'ts about Chinese Business and Chinese Culture. Things Chinese businesses people like and don't like about Indians.
Students welcome speech was given by Ms. Vaishali was wonderful and amazing Chinese song sang by ISB student Mr. Milan was outstanding. All audience was happy to see the fluency and command on foreign language in such a short time.
At the same time also inauguration of Indo Sino Bridge Website program also help in the presence of Hon. Guests, Teachers and enthusiast Students. Official website for the institute was launched, which gives immense knowledge about Chinese Language and Culture, Also details about the courses offered by ISB Language Institute.
We hope we conduct more such productive and useful events in future also.
Thank you to all who made this event a memorable day in the history of Indo Sino Bridge.